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Waiting and Dreaming; Developing purpose and the capacity to dream during waiting seasons

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Waiting and Dreaming is as encouraging as it is raw, and a call to action as  we develop purpose in moments of waiting (insert that thing you’re waiting for here). If we’re waiting and not seeing the promise yet, this gives us opportunities to increase our faith and trust in God alone. Take action if and when necessary (faith + action), and dream bigger in the moment!  My hope for you through this book, is that you will feel inspired in your purpose, come closer to God, and share this book with a friend. Sharing this message with other women, you will be able to inspire them to continue their journey into what God has for them, even while they wait for it. 

1. She knows where she wants to go. 

2. She knows her identity. 

3. She serves while she waits.

4. She develops mental toughness while she waits.

5. She's thankful while she waits.

6. She laughs while she waits.

7. She rests while she waits.



*Journal space provided in the back of the book*.



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