Waiting and Dreaming; How it all began.

Waiting and Dreaming; How it all began.

From An Author's Perspective

Can I be vulnerable here for a moment? Writing a book is no easy task. It requires determination, and grit. Many want to do it, but most never will because of fear holding them back or what they thought the journey towards the destination would be like, wasn't exactly what they imagined. With that, waiting for something you've longed for forever, is also no easy task. In today's microwaveable society, we question if waiting for something worthwhile is even worth it. The process of writing a book is not cut and dry. You write your manuscript? DONE. Nope! You'll see within the beginning stages, that it didn't work like that. Many people often think that if you're meant to do something it will be smooth and easy. Sure, the gift comes naturally, but the stewardship of that gift is like most things, work!
In my first publication, I encourage women that in their waiting, they can pursue things that God has placed on their heart in the midst of what they are waiting for and allow for everything to work itself out, [easier said than done, right?] Was I determined to become New York's best selling author? That would have been lovely and an honor, but it didn't happen. I was okay with that. The goal was not false humility in it either. The end goal was really coming to the realization that if just one young girl or young woman could be inspired by the valuable words within this treasured piece of work, then I have done my job.

In the Beginning

here is a moment from back in 2016, at one of my favorite coffee shops. Plugging away at what would become my first published work.

2016 was the year I began full time teaching elementary students in the first grade. It was also the year I decided to plan to write my very first book. I had always wanted to write a book and suddenly, that year, the ideas started popping up out of no where. It wasn't going to be fictional, but a helpful guide to inspire women in moments where they find themselves waiting for prayers to be answered. I was told multiple times that an author [or anyone looking to help others] finds a problem and solves it through their expertise]. I was well aquainted with waiting, and certainly didn't like my patience to be tested. I thought, however, how in the world can I encourage others in an area that I find weakness in? SIDE NOTE: I truly believe that when we pioneer our way through a situation, we become resilient enough to help others on the same journey. Thus, One Day Closer, became the title. A friend used to text and encourage me with "One Day Closer", which inspired the original title. Through the following years, 2017, 2018, and 2019 the title, chapters, and my attitude towards the book changed a handful of times. If you're a blogger or an author, have you been there? Has your ideas, work, or blog gone through makeovers? As frustrating as those makeovers can be, I've come to the conclusion that just as people grow, people's ideas and gifts change as time goes on. Through the next couple of years I would tweak, add some words here and there to the original manuscript, and play around with chapters. But I never really made it all the way. Hello writers block or maybe, that word I used earlier, fear?! The next couple of years I had major writers block, set backs, and doubts. Then in summer 2018, I met some more writers who shifted my perspective. I began to blog again, take a look at the manuscript of my book once more, and gear up to really see to it that this work would be published and become a reality.


 Smack Dab in the Middle

2019 was a turning point for me and the book. I had been teaching for three years by this time, and I needed to make a decision. Was I going to pay my way towards publishing this book or was this really the dream? The publishing company kept asking me to put a down payment, and as I heed advice, it wasn't quite the time to put all in, or so I thought. It was actually GO TIME! I reached out to a friend and our mutual friend was available to read my manuscript. [Quick suggestion for authors, ALWAYS have at least two people you do not know, read your manuscript. It is great to get unbiased opinions so as to see things that you may not be able to see in your own written work]. Her advice was super helpful, needed, but it was raw. I re evaluated everything, probably got into my head too many times to count and re thought publishing it AGAIN. As I began to find my groove however, worked through the tough stuff, the title changed to Waiting and Dreaming, Developing Purpose and the Capacity to Dream in Waiting Seasons and so did many of the chapters.



 Dear 2020, I'd like a refund. I think we can all be honest, the year 2020 was such a blur. It however, gave me time off from working with children and a fresh new resilience I had never known. Thankful to friends that encouraged me to pursue and publish this work, as it was waiting for readers that needed it. By September of 2020, something felt off. The book wasn't ready to be sent off for review. I prayed. I sought guidance from the Lord and from friends. That's when  I reached out to a friend. The friend that originally texted me encouragement, with the phrase One Day Closer. She was supposed to be a voice for one chapter in the book. Once she sent her piece, the whole book was complete. Winter 2020, the book was released. It is such a sweet feeling to receive your very own piece of work in the mail, and be ready for what is to come. From my own life, I want to inspire you to dream again, ladies. You're so close to that vision and dream becoming a reality. 





Waiting and Dreaming is as encouraging as it is raw, and a call to action as we develop purpose in moments of waiting (insert that thing you’re waiting for here). If we’re waiting and not seeing the promise yet, this gives us opportunities to increase our faith and trust in God alone. Take action if and when necessary (faith + action), and dream bigger in the moment!  My hope for you through this book, is that you will feel inspired in your purpose, come closer to God, and share this book with a friend. Sharing this message with other women, you will be able to inspire them to continue their journey into what God has for them, even while they wait for it. 

1. She knows where she wants to go.

2. She knows her identity.

3. She serves while she waits.

4. She develops mental toughness while she waits.

5. She's thankful while she waits.

6. She laughs while she waits.

7. She rests while she waits.



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