How to Create Intentional Time to Write.

How to Create Intentional Time to Write.

Dear busy woman,

Whether you're a mother with three children or a single woman dating and balancing out work life. This blog post is for you!

"Any tips for balancing writing time with being a teacher?" I was recently asked that question, by another writer friend. I stopped in my tracks and realized this a reality for most of us that have this pull to write, but the hustle and bustle of life just seems to get in the way! That's why here, you'll find a free PDF on my website when you sign up through popup.

I want to give two tid-bits of what I've learned since becoming an author, but still holding on to the desire to write. These tid-bits will be included in the FREE PDF on my website. This gives you a taste of what you will find within the PDF. I am currently balancing out work life with dating and a social life. It isn't easy but I've realized that too busy does not have to be in our vocabulary if we're receiving something God has for us.

PLAN- I know it's common knowledge to set a time or schedule to write, but it really does matter. When I was in the process of writing Waiting and Dreaming, I got to the point where was God having me wait to finish this, or was my insecurity creeping up and I was just not doing what the Lord had asked me to do. Plan a writing schedule or when you believe Holy Spirit is showing you to write, try to tune into what He is showing you.

CREATE- Dreaming big with God often means seeing things that others won’t see right away. Writing is creating. Creating is all about taking an idea and expanding on it in your own unique way. Create a dream board. Journal to express your ideas. There are many ways to begin, that uniquely show others who you are as an individual writer. This also allows you to get inspired for your next project. 

Every busy woman knows, that if there is something she wants or believes God wants her to have, it requires intentionality. We also know, what He equips us for, He graces and gives us tools and creative time to accomplish it. To see more ideas of How to Create Intentional Time to Write, and receive a FREE PDF to inspire you, head back over to Waiting and Dreaming – Withlove,Mia ( and send in your email through the POPUP. 

 With Love, Mia



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