Writers Collective

A community Co founded by two women who love to write. The heart behind Writers Collective exists to inspire ordinary people to become extraordinary writers. Come grow with a community of writers from a variety of experience levels.


The heart behind writers collective exists to encourage you in YOUR STORY and YOUR JOURNEY during the writing process.


Maria (also known as Mia) is the co founder of Writers Collective, and as she remembers during the time of publishing her first book, there weren’t any authors around that served as a help to her. As time went on, others that believed they would be writing books too, came to her for advice. Mia quickly realized there is an immense amount of beautiful stories waiting to be written.

Mia desired to become someone that she never had during the writing process, all the while building a team of other writers to encourage one another towards their God dream of writing not one book but many more, and celebrating them each step of the way. You may even find that writing a book is not your desire, but maybe a devotional or want to participate in some sort of writing avenue. That is okay, as our hope is that we can provide assistance for that too.


As it grows in phases, we will have unique opportunities for you to share snippets of your story. We have faith that there will be a team and bundles that can serve as tools to encourage as well as get YOU started on YOUR writing journey, or complete something that you've already started. As we expand, so will our overall journey and website.


We have currently been in phase 1, which was community building and we realized there is such a need for local authors and writers to gather together.